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Singapore to Kuala Lumpur

"Feast For all the Senses"

  • 5 hours 30 minutes
  • 880 Singapore dollars

Service Description

"Feast For all the Senses" Kuala Lumpur Tourism Kuala Lumpur, popularly referred to as KL, is the capital city of Malaysia. Officially the Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur, it is also the largest city of the country, spreading over almost 245 sq km. Steel-clad skyscrapers, mega shopping malls, renowned monuments, bustling markets and burgeoning nightlife - that is Kuala Lumpur for you! Kuala Lumpur is divided into separate districts, each known for something extraordinary. However, the main draw of the city is the Golden Triangle comprising of Bukit Bintang, KLCC and Chinatown areas. Popular as the entertainment hub of the city, these are home to some of the trendiest nightclubs, lounges and bars.

Home to three of the 10 largest shopping malls in the world, it comes as no surprise that Kuala Lumpur is often considered as the retail and fashion hub of Southeast Asia. Authentic handicrafts to major international brands are all on sale in the masses of malls in Kuala Lumpur (read 66!). The city's traditional markets are equally enjoyable with atmospheric experiences. Visiting KL during March, May or December during the mega sale event is an escapade in itself for the shoppers.

Kuala Lumpur is a non-stop banquet. Drom dining at lavish restaurants to eating with the locals at the street stalls, almost all of Malaysia's culinary specialities can be found in KL. Do stop by the hawker stalls and traditional neighbourhood kopitiams (coffee shops) to sample the best of the local delicacies. Kuala Lumpur is also the gateway to Malaysia's contemporary art scene with numerous visual arts gallery and exhibition centres. 

The 6th most visited city in the world (in 2019), KL is thronged by tourists. Yet, it retains the laidback ambience and jungle lushness of the kampung (village) it once was. Exploring this 21st-century metropolis is a cakewalk with a comprehensive road system and extensive public transportation. Hop on any of the mass rapid transit (MRT), light rapid transit (LRT), monorail, commuter rail or public buses and whizz past Kuala Lumpur in a matter of minutes

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