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Daily Staff Transport In Singapore 

Workers & Staff Transportation

Employee Transport Management Solution is a service on contract basis which makes it easier for employees to take transit by providing an efficient way to reach their worksite without any hassle.

It’s up to the employer, to choose a way that will work best for your company and your employees.

With time and costs to get to work continuing to increase, commuting remains a major decision making factor for employees when accepting an offer or changing jobs.

When it comes to the total benefits package, employee expectations are changing. The benefits you offer need to keep up with those expectations.

With the increasing and dreadful commute times, companies should consider implementing solutions to create a more commuter-friendly workplace.

We are dedicated to providing businesses and corporations with effective and efficient employee transportation solutions to reduce or eliminate employee commutes.

We’ll help you make the right choice.

Needless to say, when a company offers employee transportation management solution, it makes the company to be known as an excellent place to work. By providing a transportation solution to your employees, you can make them feel valued, and in return, get a great workflow. 

What are you waiting for? Implement Employee Transport Management Solution, make your organization’s brand identity strong, and let the positive sense of teamwork for your employees talk.

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Commuting Crisis


Commuting is not just the worst part of the day, and it also affects the health of employees. 

Following are some ramifications of a long commute:

  • A long commute increases neck and back pain incidents 

  • Even a 10 miles long commute can increase the blood pressure of your employees

  • Daily commutes of around 15 miles can make employees less physically active and prone to have obesity and unhealthy waist size 

  • A long commute is linked with a higher level of subjective health complaints 

  • A long commute increases exposure to harmful air pollution 


Commute not only affects employees but also hampers your business. Here are some common consequences of long commutes: 

  • Missed Workdays

It is proven in many studies that long commute hurts employees’ health. So some of your employees may take sudden leaves owing to their ill-health due to the long commute. This can cause delayed project delivery. 

  • Difficulty in Hiring 

49% of employees want to work near homes, states a survey conducted by Clutch. It means you may face difficulty in hiring those good employees who need to commute long to reach your office.  

  • High Attrition Rates

According to Survey, nearly one-quarter of workers left their jobs because of a bad commute. So if your employees are commuting long to reach the office, it can increase attrition rates in your organization.  

  • Increased Error Rates 

It is evident that employees are less likely to be focused after a long commute. So spending a long time to reach the office can increase the error rates of your employees. 


  • Less Productivity

Long commutes cause stress in employees. And stressed employees cannot give their 100% to the tasks they are assigned to. What’s more, absenteeism due to ill-health caused by long commutes can also reduce employees’ productivity. 

  • Revenue Loss  

Long commutes cause ill-health, meaning employees will take more leaves. Even if they don’t take leaves, long commutes can make them less productive. Consequently, there will be less work done. 

So long commutes can eventually be the reason for revenue loss in your organization.    

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